Getaway to the Space

Our life is, more or less, made up of everything that surrounds us, everything that we have a sense of interaction with. Of course, the size of these interactions varies from individual to individual, and so does the influence a particular source has on our lives. However, if there is one area where the lines of difference somewhat blur a little, it’s the area of hospitality. Every once in a while most of us interact with the hospitality industry as a part of our vacation or for some other reason. It’s almost like an essential, but as we realized, it’s not quite there yet. Instead, hospitality industry is probably one of the few spheres in our life that defines the concept of luxury in its truest form. Unfortunately, the very lavish nature of this industry would turn out to be its unbecoming.

When Covid 19 took over the world, it pretty much left the hospitality sphere ravaged. Yes, the impact of this life-threatening virus was far-reaching, but hotels around the world were not just affected by the present tragedy. They had all the reasons to be concerned about what might be in store as well. The lockdown restrictions were not to stay in place forever, but the caution being practiced by people in regards to where they go didn’t put hotels in a very good place. Nevertheless, the arrival of vaccine in a record timeframe has put the hoteliers back into the thick of the things. That out of the world experience looks within reach again, and this time quite literally.

Orbital Assembly Corporation recently disclosed the details for their project of creating a full-fledged commercial space station. With plans for it already being implemented, the corporation has tentatively named it as Voyager Station. It was also revealed that there is optimism regarding launching the project by 2027.

If reports are to be believed, the space station will operate with artificial gravity and it will house an ultra-modern hotel. The hotel capacity is likely to go upto 280 guests. As if that in itself wasn’t unbelievable, this space hotel will also have amenities like gourmet restaurant, bar, gymnasium, and an entertainment center. Furthermore, villas are also planned to go up for grabs for vacationing purposes. Even though the project is still under progress, Orbital Assembly Corporation has opened up reservations for Voyager Station, with the quoted price falling over 5 million for three-and-a half stay.



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