Travelling has Never Been Easier

Even though the modern generation likes to preach growth and aim for it through every cent of their effort, there is a good chance that we don’t know everything about it. For instance, we might put a lot of stock in innovation to elevate ourselves, but our focus on the sustainability of our methods remains limited. This, as you can guess, has put-together a scenario where we have this influx of products that are not necessarily delivering their optimal value. Fortunately, though, our trust in technology hasn’t taken any hit as a result here. Instead of abandoning all our tech-related notions, we have taken a step forward to create an even better version of it, leading ourselves to the land of artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, and many more inspiring concepts that are set to define an era. After taking their time to really take off, these concepts are now landing in every major part of our existence, with their latest entry exclusively designed to make your airport journey much more stress-free.

Uber, in its bid to improve your travelling experience, is rolling out a string of new features that are based around managing the airport crowd traffic, which is projected to go up drastically in the aftermath of Covid 19 pandemic. These features include allowing the passengers to book their trip to airport 30 days prior from their date of flight, sharing flight information with the driver to facilitate real-time tracking on their end, and making ML-powered curbside pickups. For now, Uber Reserve advance booking feature is available across selected U.S. cities. The ride-hailing services provider is also actively working with flight database OAG to make their flight-tracking system more comprehensive sooner than later.

Once you have shared the relevant information, you’ll be automatically notified about potential delays and early arrivals. Furthermore, Uber’s algorithm is said to be well-equipped for making any required changes to the pickup timings on its own, hence saving customers the hassle of editing the ride information, while keeping driver in the loop all this time. In order to make it more appealing, Uber has also ensured the riders that they will be getting a complimentary 60 minutes waiting period. Therefore, even if there is an hour-long delay from your side, you won’t be charged any additional fee whatsoever.

Uber also has something for people who are not comfortable with the idea of booking so early. These people can turn to Uber’s Ready When You Are feature that allows you to choose in how much time you want to be picked by the driver. As if that wasn’t enough, you can even opt for curbside pickups, which is by far the most spontaneous option on the table. According to the details shared by the company, it will be using machine learning models to predict the demand, and the drivers will be then dispatched accordingly.



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