A Powerhouse on Wheels

Human beings might have a ton of valuable traits in their bag, but nothing stands up to our tendency of growing on a consistent basis. This is because, when you are able to get under all possible situations, you end up widening your horizons big time. By doing so, the individual, in turn, also goes on to clock some huge milestones along the way. In fact, the same remains evident across whatever we have achieved so far, with one unique piece of testimony coming from an idea called technology. The reason why technology seems like such a standout is inspired by its unprecedented skill-set. Nevertheless, it is also, at the same time, centred upon the manner in which those skills were utilized. The latter component, in particular, would allow the creation to conjure up a spectrum-wide presence, and yet even after doing so much, technology’s revolution will just continue getting bigger under one capacity or the other. Interestingly enough, one recent announcement promises to build upon this very trend.

Luxury electric vehicle maker Lucid Motors has officially launched a new three-motor variant of its popular Luxury Air sedan, which will be a part of the company’s performance sub-brand, Sapphire. According to certain reports, the vehicle boasts a whopping 1,200 horsepower, a figure that makes it the strongest sedan ever by quite some distance. Furthermore, it comes with two 500kW invertors, as well as custom planetary gear reduction units. This is an important detail, considering it allows for torque to be applied to each wheel in opposite directions so that the Sapphire Edition will get more stability and control. Staying on the control bit, the latest Air iteration is also expected to have custom composite wheels that will be produced using a compound which offers an efficient combination of low rolling resistance and high grip. In case their innate capability isn’t enough, these wheels will even have some room for a set of wheel shields that will make them more aerodynamic and long-lasting.

“Last year, Lucid rocked the world with the launch of Lucid Air, a fusion of unsurpassed range, efficiency, superior driving dynamics, and interior space, uniquely enabled by our in-house technology.” said Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO, Lucid Group. “Today, with the introduction of the Sapphire line, we take the next logical step of advancement. Lucid Air Sapphire, being the very first Lucid product to bear the Sapphire name, builds upon our technical prowess to take electric high-performance on to next level.”

Beyond the stated elements, Lucid has tried to level up on the previous model by introducing carbon ceramic brakes, rejuvenated spring rates, higher damping, and an improved steering and ABS system.

As for how much it will cost you, the new Sapphire edition is understood to bear a starting price tag of $249,000.



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