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As risk aversive as we tend to be at times, human beings are also quite experimental. This knack of playing around with different elements and making something is largely why we have been able to achieve what we did. Now, if we are talking about benefits within the said context, it must be noted that they have, so far, appeared in many shapes and forms, each one bringing a unique value to the table. However, while having them staggered across like that wasn’t essentially bad, the whole setup became a lot more productive when we found all the necessary benefits encapsulated in one compact creation called technology. Technology’s discovery was pivotal for many reasons, but most importantly because it looked like the supposed peak of human experimenting powers. Spoiler alert; it was a false feeling. We would continue to dabble around, this time with technology. One major result we got from that talked to the blockchain concept. The blockchain buzz has grown ceaselessly over the recent past. The inflow of popularity is mainly triggered by cryptocurrency, except we are now witnessing another blockchain by-product getting ready for a major growth spurt. In fact, some recent happenings have only increased the optimism regarding its future.

Adidas is officially launching an NFT line named as Into the Metaverse. According to the shared details, all NFT holders will enjoy digital and physical perks. Furthermore, they will get a huge say in how Adidas designs its products for NFT-community in particular. Interestingly enough, to enhance the value of the line, the company has also collaborated with Bored Ape Yacht Club, Punk Comics, and GMoney.

Talk about perks, NFT holders won’t just get the hoodie worn by Indigo Hertz in Adidas’ NFT, but they will also get a chance at accessing exclusive merch drops.

“Adidas is in the metaverse,” said Tareq Nazlawy, Adidas’ senior director of digital growth. “We want to figure out what would be the dopest thing to do in that space and start involving the communities we’re activating through this [NFT] in how we should manifest in the virtual world.”

As far as price per NFT unit is concerned, Adidas has locked it on $800. Nevertheless, when asked about the number of NFTs they’ll be releasing in total, the company refused to make any comment. With more and more organizations going all in on creating NFT communities, it feels like the technology is quickly turning into a sure shot way of making your products exclusive, and thereby, economically valuable.



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