AssemblyAI Raises $28 Million in Series A; Hopes to Cater the Growing Audio Moderation Needs

If there is one piece of truth that drives a human life more than anything else, it’s our obligation to change every once in a while. This is because change educates us about various different dynamics, therefore helping us tremendously in regards to becoming more knowledgeable. Now, when you turn more aware over time, you are not only enjoying a certain set of benefits, but you are also laying the foundation for that all-important next step, Hence, with constant change, we are able to keep ourselves in the earshot of some great things. To contextualize it through a real-world example, we can look at technology. While it might have looked like a one-off breakthrough, it really took a methodical step-by-step approach for us top finally ‘stumble upon’ technology. The effort will prove worthwhile, as soon enough we were living a whole new life. Moving under the stewardship of revolutionary ideas, the world would, in fact, experience a complete switch from all the principles it has preached across multiple generations. Notably enough, however, this cutting and chopping won’t stop even after technology clocks some unprecedented heights. The creation will continue building upon its achievements, leaving the responsibility to keep up entirely on us. So far, humans have come up with some interesting ideas to do the said job, and a recent funding only brings one more on the deck.

AssemblyAI has officially secured funding worth $28 million in a recently-concluded Series A round. Led exclusively by Accel, the round went on to see further participation from the likes of Y Combinator, John and Patrick Collison (Stripe), Nat Friedman (GitHub), and Daniel Gross (Pioneer). AssemblyAI is a startup that focuses on the burgeoning multimedia craze and how we can make it more organized. With its core services talking to speech analysis, audio transcription, and summarization, the company offers an intuitive solution to moderate huge collection of audio streams, which are now commonplace across popular social media platforms. In a more actionable sense, you can use AssemblyAI’s different APIs to conduct laborious tasks such as “check this podcast for prohibited content,” or “identify the speakers in this conversation,” or “summarize this meeting into less than 100 words.”

“If you want to do content moderation, or search, or summarize audio data, you have to turn that data into a format that’s more pliable, and that you can build features and business processes on top of,” said Dylan Fox, founder and CEO of Assembly AI. “So we were like, let’s build a super-accurate speech analysis API that anyone can call, even at a hackathon — like a Twilio or Stripe style integration.”

As far as the new cash injection in concerned, AssemblyAI plans on using it to improve R&D infrastructure, build an extensive product pipeline, and shore up recruitment.




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