ICON Outlook Digital Transformation Award Winner

Olive is the ultimate solution for Enterprises looking to find best-fit solutions that drive digital transformation. The end-to-end technology evaluation platform allows enterprises to streamline their collaboration and selection process. Olive has helped organizations from multiple industries find many solutions that drive innovation. Construction, Finance, Hospitality, Retail, HR (Human Resources), Healthcare, IT (Information Technology), Non-Profit as well as Management Consulting are just a few industries in which Olive is a key market player.

Olive’s platform is technology agnostic so it can find any solution for any industry. Among the top evaluated solutions in 2022 that enterprises have sourced in with Olive are ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), HCM (Human Capital Management), LMS (Learning Management System), POS (Point Of Sale), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Security, BI (Business Intelligence), and AI (Artificial Intelligence). In addition, Olive is recognized for ‘Best Support’, ‘Users Love Us’, and ‘High Performer’ by software marketplace provider G2.

With Olive you can find the best-fit solutions that drive Digital Transformation in 66% less time compared to the standard vendor selection process that enterprises engage in. Olive’s end-to-end technology evaluation platform allows organizations to collaborate on requirements and anonymously compare solutions in the market to those requirements. This drastically shortens the technology selection process by up to 66%. Olive brings automation to the technology evaluation process, helping organizations find best-fit solutions that drive digital transformation.

The Olive platform helps companies navigate the complex world of technology vendor selection. The platform helps companies gather, rank and collaborate on business requirements; gain consensus on what’s needed with key stakeholders and C-Suite; automate requirements management; compare digital solution vendors to business needs; invite vendors to respond to requirements and ultimately find best-fit tech that meets their unique needs and encourages innovation. Olive helps enterprises take their businesses from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow.

With Olive’s templates & collaboration tools, teams can focus on strategic work. The platform potential vendors to respond to requirements within days, not weeks. Your business remains anonymous during this time. Olive is constantly building new requirement template libraries to help teams save time gathering and managing requirements. Users can leverage these templates to save time, or build their own. From HR to IT, Olive has many templates available. Teams can get relevant requirements suggestions from the platform, and build out and reuse these templates to save time in future projects.

Olive enables companies to find the right solutions that accelerate Digital Transformation. The Olive platform eliminates the parts of the solution evaluation process that do not add business value, and includes multiple features to help transparent collaboration with key stakeholders. Olive’s customers see high user adoption results because they leverage the platform to work in ways that engage leaders, stakeholders, and line employees. Giving your team an efficient voice through the platform improves buy-in. With a manual process, it is common to only have the time to evaluate 4-5 potential options. Olive’s customers find that they can regularly evaluate 20-30 options with 66% less work, and get to market 3x faster.

Use Olive to collaborate with key stakeholders, end users, and even vendors to get to the bottom of the business needs and requirements. Among some of Olive’s key features include  project templates, requirements libraries, comparative analysis, executive dashboard, surveys and chat for stakeholder collaboration. In addition, Olive provides premium digital transformation support and strategic services to help businesses seamlessly navigate the transformation process. Engage in Olive’s strategic services for all, or part of the digital transformation strategy. Use Olive’s services to kick off or accelerate your digital transformation strategy.

Olive is already a major player within the technology evaluation, requirements management and technology research services market. Companies and tech leaders are beginning to understand that sourcing solutions is not just a case of going with the most popular solution on the market or the one with the highest reviews on technology review websites. To drive successful digital transformation, companies must find the right solutions that meet the business’s unique needs. Solution evaluations must be done in collaboration with key stakeholders and end users.

The right technology solution can have a positive impact on your business, but finding the right solution isn’t always easy. Olive enables technology buyers to find the best-fit option that’s highly adopted by the organization. This is true digital transformation. If your business is still manually sifting through the vendor selection process, visit Olive.app where you can start and manage projects, assign roles, build reports, and have full access to all features 14 days free of charge.



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