II CME Cardiologists and Anesthesiologists Conference

2nd CME Caridologists and Anesthesiologists Conference scheduled at Dubai on April 29-30, 2024 works on the theme ‘New Frontiers and Emerging Technologies in HeartCare and Anesthesiology which addresses essential clinical and non-clinical knowledge. An exciting series of presentations will be delivered by world-renowned experts through multidisciplinary approach.

Cardiologists and Anesthesiologists 2024 will introduce the newest developments in cardiology, anesthesiology, critical care, cardiovascular medicine, emergency medicine and vascular surgery providing a practical overview of commonly encountered complications, focusing on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

This is your one-stop shop to capturing industry’s latest case studies in This is your one-stop shop to capturing industry’s latest case studies in setting up a program globally, reaching physicians and patients, collecting real-world data, and maximizing vendor selection to improve the operationalization of EAP and streamline access to life-changing therapies.

This conference, now in its 2nd year, will bring together cardiologists, pediatricians, anesthesiologists, vascular surgeons, and the entire healthcare professionals and nurse practitioners team to connect with world-renowned experts and gain skills on the latest advances via live cases and expert lectures and panels. The program will deliver abundant insight and practical perspective on latest advances in Middle East and other regions of the world capturing industry’s latest case studies and novel ideas.

20+ Eminent Anesthesiologists, Cardiologists and Healthcare professionals from UAE, USA, Belgium, India, and others will present over two intensive days of networking, learning and collaborating to advance healthcare system and make care it more accessible for all.

Get Ready to Network…

* With fellow researchers, potential co-investigators and mentors in your fields

* Your findings with global cardiology community and faculty, face-to-face in London and online around the world

* With multinational connections with all sub-specialty professionals

* Through keeping your work, your team and your institution in the spotlight

* Best Presentation, YRF and Poster Awards

* CME credits for all the participants



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