Making a Quicker Dash

Our habits are a bigger indicative of our evolution than any other factor out there. Owing to the vantage view these habits have of our mindset, the accuracy they are able to clock is unbelievable. Now, to paint an honest picture, a person’s traits tends to move with them through every stage, so it’s a given that they can change over time. The change in their nature, however, isn’t just triggered by the internal factors. A lot of it is orchestrated by the external forces too. In fact, throughout the history, there have been certain moments when the external factors ended up enjoying a bigger influence. While each of the said moments was purposed around a different goal, one that ended up impacting things beyond all limits was technology. Technology’s success has been largely down to its principles. By keeping efficiency and convenience at the heart of everything, the creation didn’t have to manufacture appeal for itself. It came out rather naturally, and before anyone realized, the idea was sold to the masses. Since then, we have found ourselves on a different trajectory altogether, and as you can guess, a change of this size in our surroundings also brought a major change in our habits. For instance, today’s world is well-aware of all it can achieve, and with so many opportunities in play, the fight to gain advantage doesn’t take long to heat up. Hence, in a bid to stay ahead, we continuously touch on various creative avenues. An example of our newfound ambitious approach is provided in DoorDash’s latest decision.

Food delivery platform, DoorDash has officially unveiled its ultra-fast DashMart delivery service, which is designed to bring you your food quicker than ever before. Currently available in New York City, the service will see the delivery of fresh and frozen foods, household goods, and local products. Nevertheless, the aspect on which this entire project is based upon is that the company plans on facilitating DashMart deliveries within just 10 to 15 minutes. If it is found out to be logistically, as well as economically feasible, then the move can very alter the food delivery landscape forever.

Interestingly enough, the drivers fulfilling DashMart deliveries will be considered as full and part-time employees, therefore they can expect to receive additional benefits apart from their $15 per hour reimbursements. The company explained it by claiming that the duties of DashMart workers are “fundamentally different from dashing,” The explanation is factually correct, as DashMart workers won’t just focus on riding through the roads. Instead, they will also sign up to handle tasks like stocking shelves, customer support, and administrative work etc.




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