Origin Wireless: Analyze Patients Remotely

Dr Ray Liu


“Adding a professional monitoring option is our key step to enhance our system.”

Remote patient monitoring is a taunting process and doesn’t meet the needs of an individual. Origin Wireless is a one-stop Wi-Fi sensing solution to analyze the patient remotely. The waves in a pool are analogous to Wi-Fi signals in home or surroundings. These waves bounce, shatter, and bend over walls, ceilings, and people as they travel through the pool. These interruptions are detected by Origin Wireless AI Engines, which analyzes the movement of a patient. Motion, respiration, and falls are detected using specific AI algorithms. Origin Wireless utilizes these engines combined with AI engine fusion to gather dynamic data and deliver additional information to the user.

One of the most critical aspects of sleep monitoring and respiratory rate variability is understanding breathing patterns. Using ordinary WiFi, Breathing AI Engine catches the tiniest chest motions. Origin’s Motion AI Engine detects WiFi signal distortion and can pinpoint the exact spot where movement happens. Their motion engine is ideal for home security, intelligent home automation, and tracking daily activities (ADL). Origin Wireless’ Fall AI Engine has the most remarkable rate of identifying falls and the lowest percentage of false alarms in the industry. They provide carers or emergency services with reliable alerts. Origin wireless software, unlike that of other WiFi Sensing businesses, works entirely on edge. Origin only sends sensing events to end users to connect with the cloud. Edge computing has several advantages, including over-the-air updates, minimal latency, cost savings due to lower bandwidth needs, security integrity, and increased dependability.

Origin Wireless Program is incredibly efficient, using only a tiny amount of memory and CPU resources. They can incorporate the software into any WiFi device with a small code footprint for better patient monitoring. One of the most secure technologies available is WiFi Sensing. Their algorithms are strings of randomized code that can’t be broken, whether they’re studying movement, sleeping or breathing habits, or tracking assets. To store sensor data, Origin also uses industry-leading security standards and encryption technologies.

Origin automation platform integrates their motion technology with the smart home, allowing for automated illumination when a room is entered. This is accomplished by transforming current IoT devices into sensors, resulting in increased localization and coverage while using less hardware. Since the security and automation system from Origin Home uses non-line-of-sight (NLOS) sensors, they have fewer (if any) blind spots and can cover more territory with less gear. Thus, these motion detection methods do not necessitate the use of cameras, touch sensors, or other intrusive devices; privacy and security are paramount with Origin Wireless. Moreover, the solution harness the potential of existing Wi-Fi waves in an environment to detect motion and send meaningful alerts or notifications. The company’s unique algorithms and patented technologies provide greater accuracy than any other common Wi-Fi solutions.

Origin Health enables caregivers by delivering real-time information of their loved one’s whereabouts and any unusual behaviors for anybody to monitor the health.  Their WiFi Sensing engines can identify activities of daily living (ADL), sleep monitoring, fall detection, and transmit alarms to carers and professional monitoring services. Origin’s unique Remote People Monitoring (Origin RPM) software and hardware solution is a ground-breaking software and hardware solution that allows paid caregivers to monitor their patients without requiring wearable gadgets, cameras, or other privacy-enhancing equipment. Origin Tracking is the world’s first non-line-of-sight (NLOS) indoor tracking system with centimeter precision. Asset and robot/AGV tracking and interior navigation are some of the commercial applications.

Origin Wireless and Noonlight recently established a cooperation to provide professional monitoring services through Origin’s Hex Home intelligent security system. Hex Home is the industry’s first DIY WiFi Sensing home security system, and it’s now available with optional 24/7 professional monitoring subscription services for an extra degree of safety. “Thanks to our revolutionary technology, the Hex Home solution has been a true disruptor, offering the most accurate, simple, reliable, and non-intrusive security system on the market,” says Dr Ray Liu, Founder, and CEO of Origin. “Adding a professional monitoring option is our key step to enhance our system. By incorporating Noonlight’s services, Hex Home will become a more comprehensive home security solution for our customers.” Origin Wireless aims to provide a solution to keeping homes safe and secure while maintaining privacy and comfort.