Promise Raises $25 Million in Series B; Plans to Scale Up and Support More Government Agencies

Over the years, human beings have uncovered all sorts of resources, but we haven’t always used them in a productive manner. You see, there have been enough occasions where we failed to understand the potential in play, and consequentially, lost out on some really special things. With this being a rather recurring dynamic, the world needed something that won’t just have crazy potential in its own right, but it will also help us in recognizing the overall picture more accurately. The said pursuit will lead us towards various interesting ideas, a notable one among them being technology. Now, technology gets to be such a standout here mainly because of the unprecedented manner in which it achieved its goals. You see, while we were exceeding expectations on literally every front, we were also doing so through an unbelievably convenient approach. This allowed us the room to make even bigger forays moving forward. In fact, we are still continuing on the said trajectory, and the evidence for that was pretty apparent in Promise’s latest funding.

Promise, a dedicated payments platform for government debts, has officially secured over $25 million from a recently-concluded Series B round. Led by The General Partnership, the round saw many other close participants, including Kapor Capital, XYZ Ventures, Bronze Investments, First Round Capital, Y Combinator, Howard Schultz and more. Promise introduces a unique model, which inspires the company to work with government agencies and relevant departments for the purpose of collecting payments like utility bills and license fee. However, it’s not your usual payment processing platform. Promise takes into account how income and cash flow can really vary across different situations; hence if someone is genuinely running a little tight on money, the platform is there to offer an interest-free installment plan. By doing so, Promise eliminates any need to pay huge penalties, interest rates, or resorting to predatory loan services.

“Our thesis is that structurally, they can’t pay — it’s not a choice,” said Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, CEO and founder of Promise. “If you build a system that works better for people, they will pay.”

Apart from helping people navigate government debts, Promise also plays a pivotal role in getting them their monetary benefits that are born out of government subsidies or allotted stimulus checks. Up until now, the sluggish bureaucratic procedures have robbed millions off their eligible payments, so adopting a cutting-edge platform does a significant amount to reduce these occurrences.

Talk about Promise’s growth, the company saw its revenue increase by 32x over the last year, whereas its customer base expanded by a whopping 45x. While we have shed light upon the company’s impact on general public, it’s important to note that the service is also largely predicated on easing the government agencies’ burden, and Promise is doing a great job of it. The platform’s unequivocal reliability is inviting more and more agencies to sign up, and this is where Promise plans on investing the fresh cash injection. According to certain reports, the company is now looking at making recruitments that are necessary to support its growing footprint.




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