Simulation: Advancing to the Future of Manufacturing

The introduction of new technologies has channeled a rapid evolution in the methods of product designing and manufacturing. Companies are scavenging ways to meet the rising demand for low cost and lightweight equipment. Mobile and cloud technologies have allowed companies to quickly innovate and communicate with a larger audience.

The changes in demand and capability directly impact the software industry. One of the leading companies has successfully built a portfolio of design, PLM, and simulation tools with collaboration, accessibility, and computational power. Simulating product performance and production is the key component of this strategy.

Users can virtually test and evaluate multiple designs through simulation and understand the performance under different conditions. It allows users to review the impact of different materials and empowers the company to balance costs with product performance. Users can also simulate multiple manufacturing processes without risking capital on special equipment, tools, or materials. However, simulation requires investments in high-end computer resources that may be available to bigger companies but not in smaller companies due to the cost.

Cloud computing has made it possible for users to simultaneously evaluate multiple designs and identify the best option. This ability provides leverage to companies by delivering insights on how their product performs. The ability for a system to participate in the design process is perhaps the most impressive capability from the convergence of simulation and infinite computing. Users can simply specify the appropriate constraints and let the software develop the best design possible which can be further tuned to meet the manufacturing needs and provide an optimum solution to customer problems.

Every aspect of our personal and professional life has been touched by technology. Companies will have opportunities to disrupt and transform industries by embracing technology and make what was previously impossible, possible.



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