The Timeless Pursuit

The ambition of a man knows no limits. Just when you think something is too far for him to get to it, he’ll make a leap and pounce on that very thing. It has become sort of a pattern now. All the ideas that once seemed outright ridiculous are now, more or less, realized. This attitude of not backing down from taking bold calls has not only kept us from going stagnant, but it has also actively pushed us towards a future that is more refined and purposeful. Gone are the days when survival was the only target of human beings. Today’s generation aspires to make an impact that is felt by each one of them to some extent. To achieve this, we are continuously making generous investments in terms of money and time to prepare an assortment of tools that will facilitate our pursuit. With the emergence of technology, we have managed to really step things up, and as a result of it, we are now heading into a phase of advanced technological setups that are designed to be the answer to many of our concerns. The benefits of it have reached far and long, but one of its biggest beneficiaries in particular has been pharmaceuticals industry.

Pharmaceuticals’ sector growth epitomizes our ambitious approach, however it might be about to make its biggest statement so far. Google-backed, Calico, and AbbVie have recommitted to their mission of finding anti-ageing solutions. The two companies recently announced the decision to extend their partnership that commenced in 2014.

Calico, an R&D company, boasts a history of successful collaborations. The organization’s interdisciplinary approach to drug discovery and putting advanced technology to use has made it a pioneer in the industry.

AbbVie, being a scientific and clinical development expert, provides a perfect complement to Calico’s inventive nature. Another element that AbbVie is responsible for would be the commercialization of their products.

The partnership between Calico and AbbVie has yielded 20 early-stage treatments for diseases ranging across immune-oncology and neurodegeneration. With focus on curbing the age-related diseases to augment the anti-ageing aspect, the companies have delivered a unique perspective to the world. Considering the fact that they have marked this extension by introducing fresh investments worth 500 million from each partner, the concept can only be expected to gain more ground in near future. The current Calico-AbbVie partnership agreement runs till 2025.



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