TMV Secures $64 Million in Funding; Plans to Back More “Triple Bottom Lines” Companies

In life, we come across many important factors, but few are more important than knowing how to navigate through changing environments. Furthermore, we must also be aware of the ways in which we can add value to these environments. The incentive for doing so is, of course, our own growth in return. You see, when we encourage ourselves to conceive new ideas, as we try to deal with different challenges, we also free up the space for us to expand our boundaries. Now, with such a dynamic in place, it gets dramatically easier to pursue unexplored territories and find an unprecedented experience. During one similar attempt, we will end up discovering a certain creation called technology. Technology quickly became a phenomenon because it satisfied our curiosity regarding the unknown like nothing else. The creation helped us reach beyond every limit, and thus morphed into a proper revolution. Today, the world is at a point where we can even comfortably direct technological prowess towards the greater good. In fact, recent funding allows TMV to fulfil that very intention.

TMV, formerly known as Trail Mix Ventures, has officially raised $64 million in a recently-concluded funding round. According to Midas touch, the round saw big names like Bank of America and J.P. Morgan Asset Management throwing their hat in the ring, and that can be good news for a wider spectrum. Founded in 2016, TMV is an interesting name in the venture capital game due to its thoroughly unique approach. Unlike every other mainstream investment firm, the organization is in supporting “triple bottom line” companies. TMV doesn’t want just a revenue-driven partner. Instead, it has always been on lookout for start-ups that also prioritize their impact on societal and environmental level.

Another factor aiding TMV’s expanding presence is its inclination towards backing women-led businesses. Having two women, Soraya Darabi and Marina Hadjipateras, as founders, the company recognizes all challenges that come in the way of such ventures, and therefore, is better able to provide them with a platform they need.

“TMV stood out as a cohesive team with complementary expertise as operator with extensive networks enabling them to add value to the founders they invest in,” wrote Jamie Kramer, J.P. Morgan’s Project Spark investment committee chair.

Beyond women-led ventures, TMV also actively looks to invest in companies that are founded by people with underrepresented backgrounds, helping them make a meaningful difference on the big stage.



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