Dentistry Advances to a New League with Virtual Reality

Today over 80 percent of adults suffer from dental anxiety or some other dental disorder yet nearly half of adults never see a dentist regularly. Though many complain about the cost of care there are many lower-cost alternatives available. Dental anxiety has also been ignored by dental professionals for a very long time.

Dental anxiety has largely become the patient’s problem due to many factors like the history of dental treatment and dental anxiety being numbed by dental professionals. However, some of the breakthrough studies on therapeutic VR over the last decade are focused on dental anxiety. Virtual reality is solving the biggest problem in dentistry – dental anxiety which has haunted the profession and patients equally. Dentists now have a new option to provide pain-free dental care – Virtual Reality Sedation. VR has a much more intense impact when eliminating dental anxiety rather than a mere distraction.

Therapeutic VR has eliminated pain and anxiety in surgical patients by up to 60 percent. It is truly drug-free sedation even as good as nitrous oxide and not just a distraction. VR is easy to use for dental teams, costs less to everyone, faster, and does not require the use of chemicals. Other sedative techniques can be layered on top of VR sedation thus making it a no-brainer for any dental team or patient.

Nowadays patients without dental anxiety also prefer using VR sedation during their dental treatment. VR not only makes the treatment painless but also educates, entertains, and inspires dental patients in a new manner. Some technologies just have a brimful impact in certain situations. It is undoubtedly the same case with VR applied to dentistry.



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