The Space Wait Goes On

Human ability to stay flexible with our ambitions and desires is more valuable than people seemingly comprehend. You see, this way we are able to maximize our potential in any given situation, therefore bolstering the overall chance to achieve something special. Now, we have, so far, used the said skill for conceiving a huge assortment of transformational ideas, but in all honesty, none have really managed to clock the exploits of technology. If we sit down to talk about primary reasons behind technology’s grand success, we’ll have to go through what seems like never-ending list. One particular element, however, we cannot go without mentioning would be the way technology allowed us a luxury to dream beyond all known parameters. Furthermore, when you have such an expansive dynamic running the show, you also suddenly become better positioned to realize those ambitions, and that’s exactly how things panned out in the case of our longstanding aim to explore the outer space. In fact, after progressing well with this aim, we have further expanded our goals. At present, the world is gunning to find life on other planets, though unfortunately, we have just come across a major spanner in the works.

The Federal Aviation Administration has officially delayed SpaceX Starship’s first trip to space. According to certain reports, FAA cited a need to perform key environmental review before it could issue the launch license. Initially, SpaceX expected to hear administration’s final environmental assessment towards the end of December, but that has now been pushed back to as late as 28th February, 2022. The delay was reportedly caused by an overwhelming number of public comments submitted during FAA’s review process, with the figure said to be exceeding 18,000. Assuming we have ourselves an approval around the new deadline, we can see Starship kickstarting its journey in March. However, in case a more exhaustive environment review is deemed required, Starship might not see the space for a much longer stretch.

It’s a concerning development in terms of Elon Musk’s plan to land humans on Mars, as the combination of Starship’s upper stage and the Super Heavy is penciled in to be our primary vehicle for a journey to the new planet. The whole project has already gone through some severe setbacks, resulting in Musk resetting its deadline to 2026 from 2024, but now even that is beginning to look a little far-fetched.



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