CommandBar Raises $19 Million in Series A Financing; Plans to Expand Product Availability and Workforce

As human beings, a lot of our effort goes into simplifying the dynamics. By doing so, we put ourselves in a position where we can squeeze out maximum value out of everything, and therefore achieve optimal results on a rather consistent basis. However, while the said process has proven to be hugely important when it comes to fuelling human growth, it has also displayed a tendency of being quite complicated, hence to make it a little easier; we would develop various avenues along the way. One such avenue will be a creation called technology. Technology arrived on the scene amid a lot of doubt, but once it was given a chance to flourish, the creation ended up becoming our primary solution within this context. In fact, even after becoming the ultimate centerpiece, technology continued to develop across all areas, and that really transported us to whole new reality. The stated reality has now received yet another boost in the form of a funding.

CommandBar, whose software levels up user experience in many leading SaaS apps, has successfully secured over $19 million in Series A financing. Co-led by Insight Partners and Lightrights co-founder, Itai Tsiddon, the round saw further participation coming from the company’s existing investors, Thrive Capital and BoxGroup. CommandBar basically provides a solution, which acts as search bar for the purpose of giving commands like opening a page, inviting a teammate or showing help center content, thus making the navigation process dramatically more convenient.  Having evolved from a mere tool, the said solution has now turned into an essential for many businesses, and the same is pretty evident in the company’s prestigious clientele that includes names such as ClickUp, HashiCorp, Gusto, Netlify and LaunchDarkly

According to certain reports, CommandBar plans on using the newly-raised cash for conducting an extensive recruitment drive, which should take the company’s workforce from 15 employees to around 35-40. Beyond that, the San Francisco-based organization is also keen on tapping into mobile apps and building a recommendation feature so to inform the users about what tasks a particular app can do.

“Today, companies have to create … recommendations explicitly: maybe you want to help new users on big teams invite the rest of their colleagues. But soon we’re going to deliver those recommendations automatically, based on what past users have done — kind of like a Netflix recommendation algorithm, but for in-product actions,” said James Evans, co-founder and CEO at CommandBar. “We’re expecting to reach a tipping point where this … becomes a user expectation.”

The latest investment comes less than a year after CommandBar raised $4.8 million in seed funding, taking the company’s total raise to $23.8 million.



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