Tidying the Roads

In life, it is really important for us to stay flexible with our focus. This helps us big time in terms of making progress across various frontiers. Now, with such a setup acting as a foundational piece, it’s almost natural for one to expect substantial growth at every stage of their life. Unfortunately, though, that’s now the cookie has shown to crumble in reality. Instead, we are required to enlist many different elements before our bid for growth is actually ready. Over the years, the world has witnessed a whole assortment of these bids emerging on the horizons, but none have quite managed to rub shoulders with technology. Technology’s comprehensive structure, in a way, broke the mould when it first arrived on the scene, hence for a long time; no one had any idea about how to use it optimally. However, we’ll soon figure things out, and once we do so, our lives would literally change forever, except all of that will come at a cost. You see, while technology’s ability to serve a wider radius was being considered as a quality, the same element also ended up causing us sizeable harm. The said harm will appear in the form of severe environmental issues. After getting pushed into corner, though, we are now finally taking a stricter stance against the issue, and a recent EPA announcement does everything to testify for this newfound approach.

The Environmental Protection Agency has officially issued a rule, which is seemingly designed to cut back on tailpipe pollution from cars and light-duty trucks. According to the rule, passenger vehicles are mandated to hit an average of 55 miles of travel per gallon. The deadline to do so has been set as 2026. If EPA estimates are to be believed, then we can expect the move to keep 3.1 billion tons of carbon dioxide from getting released in the atmosphere by 2050. Biden administration’s goal to clock 55 miles is evidently the most ambitious one we have seen since Barack Obama devised Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFÉ) rules during his tenure.

Apart from environmentalists, EPA’s decision has also gone down well with the medical fraternity.

“Climate changes impacts the health of every American — now and for every future generation, these greenhouse gas standards are a critical steppingstone to climate and clean air benefits that are desperately needed in communities throughout the United States,” said Harold P. Wimmer, National President and CEO of American Lung Association.

Another important part of agency’s calculations is that the rule will roughly save car owners $420 billion in just fuel costs. Assuming it all pans out as per the plan, the new standards are going to be fully implemented within 60 days.




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