Next Chapter in the Race for Quicker Deliveries

The greatest thing about a human life is that it can always be turned into something better. The world, on its part, has made the most of that by growing under every possible situation, and as a result, we have also stumbled upon many notable milestones along the way. However, if you just sit back and assess the picture for a second, you will see how nothing we achieved has been quite on the level of technology. Talk about why is that the case, technology, right from the get-go, made us coexist with a dynamic that we had never seen before. By doing so, it scaled up our ceiling big time, and in case that itself wasn’t enough, it will do so across all the imaginable contexts, therefore helping us become a fully tech-driven society. Now, this is where the whole runner could have capped out, but it will actually keep on getting better. In fact, looking at Amazon’s latest move, we should only be expecting more out of it moving forward.

Amazon is officially partnering with PacSun, GNC, Superdry, and Diesel, with the main intention of offering same-day deliveries to various Prime members. As per certain reports, the plan to facilitate quick deliveries, for now, is being executed in just a few cities, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Miami, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Seattle, and Washington, DC. To avail the service, though, all you have to do is head to Amazon’s website, where you can browse through a curated selection of goods from these local mall stores before placing your order. While the decision seems a little off-brand for a company that has forced many physical stores into extinction, it’s not really the first time Amazon has done something of this sort. Mind you, before acquiring Whole Foods, the company was offering one-hour grocery deliveries in selected cities, so this can be another attempt on Amazon’s part to test the waters and then consolidate its position.

“The expansion of Amazon’s Same-Day Delivery to include beloved brands delivered directly from nearby retail locations is just another way we are offering customers even greater selection, at faster speeds,” Sarah Mathew, Amazon’s director of delivery experience, said in a statement.

The service is understood to have no charges for Prime members, provided their order is worth at least $25. If it falls below that slab, then the shopper will have to pay an additional $2.99 to get their order on the same day. Beyond the same day delivery, Amazon is also offering same-day pick-up from certain stores.



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