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Even though we humans have grown increasingly adept over the last few years, our ability to rework a situation isn’t entirely new. In fact, the way our ancestors found solutions for their routinely issues created a foundation for us to build upon. We decided to be more methodical and cautious than the old people, so to ensure there are no major missteps, but then somehow we were bestowed with technology, and all the caution went out of the window. The graph of our growth saw a sudden and steep rise, and it hasn’t really looked back since then. Through numerous creative tools, we have managed to leave our stamp upon the world, which will stay there, even if everything else doesn’t. Technology hasn’t just changed our lives from an exclusive standpoint, but it has triggered the inbounding of all the little breakthroughs that worked together and created a higher junction for us. The good news is that the attempts to take it a further notch up are already underway.

While the value of these little breakthroughs might not be realized initially, once they’re given the time to establish itself, the positive ripple effects become noticeable and a step is finally taken in the right direction. Nevertheless, after repeatedly going through this cycle, we have become well-equipped to eliminate this period of settling down. We want something that hits the ground running and we might have just gotten it in the latest concept of digital therapy for patients at risk of a heart failure.

Developed by Biofourmis, a Boston-based company, BiovitalsHF got designated as a breakthrough by FDA on Thursday. BiovitalsHF is a digital platform constructed specifically for heart failure medication monitoring. Even though Biofourmis already has a sizeable portfolio of digital therapies that cater a range of issue, it’s the first time that their system has been deemed as a breakthrough.

The major driving force behind this platform is to offset the reduced attention to patient’s medication once they are discharged from the hospital. Especially with medications like ACE inhibitors or beta-blockers coming into play, it becomes absolutely essential to tinker with the dosage, so that a perfect amount could be discerned. BiovitalsHF takes care of it by collecting data about patient’s health through wearable technology, considering elements like heart and respiration rate, stroke volume, cardiac output etc, and tweaking the medication accordingly.



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