Just Announced: The Agenda for Digital Transformation Week North America 2024

The agenda for the upcoming Digital Transformation Week North America in Santa Clara has landed, and it is jam-packed with panels and presentations about all the hottest digital transformation topics in Silicon Valley.

The two-day conference on 5-6 June 2024 is set to explore highly-engaging topics such as Transformation Infrastructure, Hybrid Cloud, The Future of Work, Employee Experience, and Hyperautomation – combining a mix of technologies such as RPA, AI, and Machine Learning.

The panels and presentations, hosted by expert, industry-leading speakers from top companies such as IBM, Regus, UPS, eBay, Takeda and more, will cover emerging digital transformation technologies, sustainability and green tech, adopting mobile technologies to elevate customer experience, enterprise architecture and much more.

Day One of Digital Transformation Week North America is titled ‘Digital Transformation in Action’ and will dive into:

  • Data-driven transformation strategies for people, with people
  • Improving your business decisions with hyperautomation
  • Adopting mobile technologies and unified communications to boost your business processes
  • The evolution of emerging technologies to advance digital transformation
  • Accelerating enterprise innovation discovery and problem solving in the AI age
  • DevOps automation and value stream management

Day Two of Digital Transformation Week North America is titled ‘Human-Centred Approaches to DTX’ and will explore:

  • Ensuring effective change management in the current landscape
  • What makes an influential change management leader?
  • Digital transformation as a strategy for sustainability
  • Reflections on the changing face and future of digital transformation
  • Managing capabilities and business processes with enterprise architecture

Digital Transformation week will go beyond mere discussions, offering opportunities to explore new innovations and strategic approaches. The event offers the invaluable chance to network with peers who are actively accelerating digital transformation; with over 7,000 attendees, 250+ exhibitors and 200+ speakers.

Who will be in attendance?

Digital Transformation Week is attended by senior and director-level representatives from a range of businesses, including CTOs, COOs, CIOs, CISOs, Directors of IT, Heads of Digital Transformation, Directors of Business Transformation, Directors of Emerging Tech, Directors of Change, Cloud Architects, Solution Architects, and more.

Which industries will be represented?

Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Financial Services & Banking, Retail & Consumer Products, Healthcare & Pharma, Marketing, E-Commerce, Software & Cloud Services, IT Services, Telecommunications and more.

Learn more about the upcoming event here: https://www.digitaltransformation-week.com/northamerica/

Digital Transformation Week North America is a part of TechEx. For more information regarding TechEx Events, please see online here.


For media enquiries, please contact:
Gabby Richards
Marketing Manager – TechEx



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