Giving Metaverse its Own Identity

Human beings are known to be good at many different things, but if we are being honest, there is literally nothing we do better than growing on a consistent basis. This, in particular, has allowed us to hit upon some huge milestones, with technology appearing as a significant part of our achievements’ galore. The reason why technology’s emergence was so pivotal is largely centred upon its unique skill-set, and yet it also, at the same time, inspired by the manner in which those skills were used. The latter component will, in fact, do a lot to spread the creation’s impact across our entire spectrum. Nevertheless, even after getting to such a monumental feat, the technology revolution will continue to scale up the heat under one capacity or the other. Interestingly enough, this pattern has only grown more and more evident over the recent past, and going by Meta’s latest move, it should be looking to unlock a completely different level sooner rather than later.

In a bid to give metaverse its separate identity, Meta is officially launching dedicated Meta accounts, along with Meta Horizon Profiles. According to certain reports, the launch is expected to happen gradually, but once it is completed, it will eliminate any need for you to login through your social media credentials, although you’ll still be able to create a Meta account with the help of your Facebook and Instagram login details. As soon as the news about new login system broke, the first question that started doing the rounds stemmed from people’s concern about what will happen to their previous VR purchases and downloads. Luckily, Meta quickly dispelled any worries by stating that users will retain complete access to all the assets they have acquired within the metaverse.

Beyond Meta accounts, the social media giant is also introducing “Meta Horizon Profile,” which will notably take up the place of your Oculus account. This one will store all the relevant information about your personalized avatars. Furthermore, it is even designed to play the role of social media for the metaverse.

The first time Meta shared its intention to have a unique login system for the company’s VR product was back in July. The announcement was inspired by a widely-harbored belief that claimed using personal social media accounts was compromising user privacy to a great extent. In order to ease these very concerns, Meta will also add a feature for you to decide who can view your account in the virtual world. The feature will include three options i.e.  “Open to Everyone,” “Friends and Family” and “Solo”. If a user chose to skip privacy setup, their preferences will be automatically configured to “Friends and Family.”




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