You Better Leave the Wheel

Humans are rarely sold on something in just one go. It’s tough to say whether this is a good or bad habit, but this is a trait most of us seemed to share. No matter how helpful a thing might be, we do go through our certain level of doubt before reaching the point of conviction. That’s exactly what happened when technology appeared on the scene as well. Majority of the people struggled to get a grasp of how something can be so transformative and easy at the same time. It almost felt like too good to be true, but slowly once the positive word started to pour in, more and more reconsidered their initial assessment of the creation. Eventually, these people accepted what a glorious piece of work they had on their hands, but only if it was that easy. Even with technology well and truly established, it couldn’t avoid the voice of critics who’ll make a meal out of every little failure it met on its way. Furthermore, the fact that people now knew about technology’s capabilities didn’t help a lot in selling new innovation to them. Every attempt at introducing a groundbreaking work would be ridiculed at first. Some ideas received even more flak, ideas like self-driving cars. When the idea of self-driving cars was first brought to the table, it was heavily opposed on the basis of safety concerns. After the first trials resulted in some horrible accidents, the idea was officially put on the backburner. However, it has seen a sense of resurgence lately, and with the news that’s emerging from Nuro’s camp, you might very well be looking at a massive makeover in transportation and logistics industry.

Nuro, an American robotics company that builds autonomous delivery pods, has recently announced it will be shelling out $40 million for setting up a facility in Nevada that will test new generation of autonomous vehicles. In its 5-year journey so far, Nuro has earned itself a nice reputation out of building reliable unmanned delivery pods, which do the work of getting you your groceries, favorite food, prescriptions etc. Now, the company is aiming at constructing a bigger network of vehicles, so that it can turn its operations more productive by short-hauling the routes. The new manufacturing plant in Nevada would take the preparations of R3, Nuro’s third iteration, as its first project. If reports are to be believed, then the latest model will deliver a massive improvement on features like sensors and software, thus taking us a step further into the direction of driver-less transportation.



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