A New-Age Way to Protect Your Kids

While there are many different things that come together to make human beings special, nothing does the job quite like our ability to find solutions. This tendency of finding answers under each and every situation has, in fact, allowed us to hit upon some huge milestones along the way, with technology making up an important part of the stated group. The reason why technology appears like a standout around such discussions is inspired by the creation’s unprecedented skill-set, but at the same time, it also stems from the manner in which those skills were used, as that really had a say in giving technology a spectrum-wide presence. Nevertheless, even after achieving so much over a ridiculously short period of time, technology, like us, will continue to conceive new and smarter solutions for the world. If anything, the same has only grown more evident in the recent past, and going by Snapchat’s latest move, it now looks poised to clock a completely different level moving forward.

Snapchat is officially launching a dedicated family centre, which will enable parents in regards to checking their kids’ friend circle on the platform. According to certain reports, the social media giant spent more than one year working on this new portal. During the stated year, Snapchat carried out a full-fledged study that included over 9,000 parents and teens from around the world. The purpose here was, of course, to take a stock of their needs, while also making sure that the user privacy is not sacrificed under any situation. As a result, Snapchat found a solution where parents can see who their kid is talking to, but they cannot really access the contents of those conversations.

In an attempt to explain how this setup is similar to the dynamic parents and their kids already share, Nona Farahnik Yadegar, Snap’s director of platform policy said:

“Parents will know who’s coming over and be able to ask questions about who their teen is hanging out with, but they won’t be in the basement with them listening to their conversation,”

The new family center is expected to initially rollout in US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and if everything goes well, it should go global this fall. Interestingly enough, though, Snapchat is not the first Big Tech player to make an effort of the stated nature. Not long ago, Instagram launched a facial analysis tool to weed underage users off of the platform, along with pre-timed nudges that encourage younger users to stop scrolling after a certain period. Coming back to Snapchat’s latest move, although the new family center already offers an option to report inappropriate content, it is likely to have more of such controls in the upcoming versions.

“While we closely moderate and curate both our content and entertainment platforms, and don’t allow unvetted content to reach a large audience on Snapchat, we know each family has different views on what content is appropriate for their teens and want to give them the option to make those personal decisions,” said a Snap spokesperson



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