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Burnout is one of the larger problems in most industries today, wouldn’t you agree? IT hasn’t been spared. I believe burn out drives the great resignation. I believe it also drives problems with staff retention. Furthermore, burnout is a known driver of suicide. We now have artificial intelligence that can assist with this. I’d like to present that AI to you, today. This artificial intelligence comes from Codebreaker Technologies, a company designed around personality science.

My experience with Codebreaker Technologies started when I was at a small rural hospital. I was being bullied at work. I would become physically ill on the weekends worrying about going to work on Monday mornings. I worked with a Charge Nurse who would argue my orders, undermine my patient interactions, and argue policy with me-including policies that I’d helped write. When I wrote her up, there was retaliation. That’s when I decided something had to be done. I decided I’d seen enough bullying in my 30 years as a frontline healthcare worker, including bullying that had led to suicide. I became a Coach through Codebreaker Technologies and within 3 days of “coding” this Charge Nurse, I was able to stop the cycle of bullying.

Codebreaker Technologies is not a tech company per se. They are a personality science company that uses tech well. They offer their clients and colleagues a personality code, what they call a BANKCode. You can get yours here. When you’re trusting enough to enter your contact information, you’ll be rewarded with a free detailed personality report. It’s quite fascinating, really. The action of getting your BANKCode is what Codebreaker Technologies refers to as activley cracking the code, and it takes 90 seconds or less. I’d like to point out that I do not work for Codebreaker Technologies. I am licensed and certified through them, but I own a separate company, Beat Down Burnout.

I went on to code many of the staff at that hospital and establish a baseline. This is where the artificial intelligence comes into play. Codebreaker Tech’s system teaches you something called a stress code. You can tell when a person is their normal state versus in stress. I used the artificial intelligence to evaluate emails and tell when colleagues were in stress. This allowed me to reach out to them and intervene.

Codebreaker Tech has ways of passively cracking someone’s code. These passive ways take less than a second and involve their artificial intelligence. By passive, I mean that they do not require the involvement of the person whose BANKCode is being cracked. Their first level of artificial intelligence, they simply refer to as “the AI,” and has been featured in With this you can copy any written material and paste it into the AI, push a button, and get the BANKCode in less than a second. I run nearly all my emails through this. It can also be used with a voice-to-text feature. The second level of their AI involves a Google Chrome Extension that was made for LinkedIn andcan be used for other websites. Once in Chrome and LinkedIn, you simply tap the extension and you have a connection’s BANKCode in less than a second. This way, you know how best to communicate with them.

Let’s get back to that small rural hospital for a moment. I used what I learned as a coach to shut down the Charge Nurse who was bullying me. That didn’t require any AI. I learned the methodology behind the B.A.N.K. system and began speaking to her in the core values of her personality code. This resulted in her no longer having any traction to start an argument. I effectively shut her down as a bully. The anxiety in our unit went from 10/10 to 3/10 in 3 days. I coded several people in the hospital outside of my unit. Afterward, when I would get emails from them, I ran these emails through the AI, and I could tell when they were in stress. With this information about my colleagues, I could call them, or go to their workspace, and talk them out of stress. (This use of a “stress code” is unique to Codebreaker’s system). The overall morale in the hospital improved in a matter of weeks. It took very little effort on my part. I was simply using the AI, and my B.A.N.K. training to improve relationships with my coworkers and check on their day. Occasionally, they needed additional coaching.

The AI is excellent for Customer Service, too. If you know the BANKCode of every one of your clients, you will know their code when they call Customer Service. You will know exactly how to speak to them. If you go through Codebreaker’s training, you will also know when they are in stress and how to talk them out of stress. Imagine knowing exactly how to speak to an irate, or confused customer. This can save your organization both time and money. If complaints are taken over the phone, then the AI can be used in real time voice-to-text mode. Then, with a little training, you can talk someone out of stress and guide them to make the best decision as to their next step.

Secondly, the AI can be used to prevent burnout, or to catch it early and prevent suicide. As I mentioned earlier, if you’ve had some of our training, you can use the AI to tell if someone is in stress. Knowing someone is in stress is a red flag. If It’s a short-term situation, you may be able to talk them out of it. If it is due to longstanding issues that are out of their control, then it may require coaching, or organizational change, or mental health services. The first step is to recognize they are in stress. The second is to reach out to them. The AI allows you to know when to do that. Organizational and individual coaching are both available through

As you can see, preventing burnout, or catching it early, is not easy. There aren’t many programs that promise to do this. There are several mindfulness and resilience programs that have been rolled out in healthcare in the last couple of years. Some have been found to do more harm than good; therefore, we are not recommending them for IT. I endorse the Codebreaker Tech AI and corresponding tools. This AI should be considered part of a larger program that includes organizational change to build trust, teaching people to negotiate better boundaries, and acknowledging the value of all team members, all of which is available through Organizations will purchase the Codebreaker AI for its Customer Service attributes. Let’s hope they keep it for what it can do for staff satisfaction and burnout prevention.

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