An Opportunity for Growth

Even though it’s somewhat of a universal fact that we humans are highly complex in our nature, we still have a ton of adjectives that we can use to accurately describe a part of ourselves. One of the more prominent ones from this pack would be ‘opportunistic’. To sense an opportunity and extracting maximum benefit out of it is a knack we have had since forever. This particular trait has also influenced another truth of ours, which is constant evolution. The knowledge of a better life being available at an expense of some tweaks is the primary reason why we go through numerous cycles in our life, each one adding some value to our overall experience. While the said opportunistic instinct has been there for long, it kicked in big-time when we stumbled upon technology. The reach of its capabilities quickly became known.

The technological revolution certainly made us reinvent our approach to life, but the fact that it was all for the better never really seemed in doubt. Staying true to its potential, the ingenious commodity soon started churning out all what it promised. Once the wheel was rolling, it just never stopped. We went from using technological framework for basic tasks to basing our entire essential operation within its premise. Now, every area of our lives is governed by some cutting-edge tech variant, and it has presented us with another opportunity, this time to solve issues that agricultural sector is facing due to climate change.

As per a recent announcement, the University of Washington and Washington State University will be developing two extensive research programs for studying how we can use artificial intelligence to resolve problems plaguing the agricultural and engineering sphere. National Science Foundation and U.S. Department of Agriculture will be funding the research with a grant of 40 million.

The details provided in the follow-up of announcement revealed that Washington State University will oversee things at Institute for Agricultural AI with a view to construct Machine Leaning methods for aiding the farmers in dealing with factors like drastic weather changes and water supply management constraints. On the other hand, AI Institute of Dynamic Systems falls under the domain of University of Washington, which will have its eyes on putting-together an AI system that facilitates instantaneous responses to unpredictable and complex engineering problems. The research programs are scheduled to commence this fall.



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