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When we made the decision to invest our resources in creating a digital sphere, we didn’t just add another luxury to our life. Instead, what we did was to take a major step towards being multi-dimensional. Our skills were diversified and our horizons expanded beyond any known boundary. The defining thing here wasn’t just the creation itself, but all what it was designed to aid. Eventually, we would go on to realize that the digital realm was a much bigger deal than anyone had initially thought. Hence, putting all our bets on it felt like the only option that was going to do justice. Our transition to a tech-driven world was soon up and running.

This transition would open the gates for people who were never bestowed with a chance to showcase their offerings, which as you can expect, fuelled a highly competitive atmosphere. Before we knew, the digital realm became too clogged up with players trying to find a spot for themselves. Nevertheless, we were now able to deliver a solution without any delays. The game was becoming about serving the customers through untapped markets. This revelation will become the foundation of an industry that we’ll come to recognize as FoodTech.

When the concept of ordering food online was introduced to us, it was already viewed as a prodigious discovery. By helping customers to satisfy their food cravings from the comfort of their couch, companies like Postmates, DoorDash, and Uber Eats turned themselves into proper conglomerates. However, as it looks like, they have more special things in the pipeline.

DoorDash’s recent announcement gave us a window into what’s next for these food delivery companies. After bridging the gap between customers and restaurants, the San Francisco-based company now aims at catering your routinely needs of convenience store items. This will be achieved through the same last-mile delivery approach.

The c-store feature will let the consumer add convenience store items to their existing order without levying any additional delivery fees, which enables the company to offer more value in one order. Hefty delivery fees have long been a sticking issue between customers and the food delivery apps, so it will be interesting to see how this move pacifies a complicated relationship.

Currently, DoorDash has 7-eleven, Walgreens, Wawa, QuickChek, and The Ice Cream Shop on its convenience stores roster, with plans to expand already in place.



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