AI Finally Visits The Dentist

Science and technology has taken over every field over the years. However, dentistry has been one field that hasn’t really been impacted too muchin the 21st century yet. However, that scenario is the on the verge of a complete change now.

If you probably woke up in 2028 one day, you would have the shock of your life. Like various other disciplines before it, dentistry is poised for some dramatic changes. This has been spurred by the use of new information technologies. Artificial intelligence (AI) will be a key player in this revolution.

Vast data is being fed to AI to convert it into knowledge. This data utilized with the proper tools will give the patients a better experience. The output will be quite similar to medicine, which has already seen technology benefit it in various unseen manners.

Columbia University College of Dental Medicine (CDM) is at the forefront in developing advancements in the field of dentistry. They are working on new technology that can actually collect oral healthcare data. CDM’sCenter for Precision Dental Medicine is currently working on biometric sensors which will be embedded in the patient chair. To add to that, video cameras will be trained on patients and clinicians. Also, radio frequency identification (RFID) tags will be attached to the instruments that can actually help collect volumes of data.

When these will be tied to unified electronic health records, it will inform about the previous dental procedures. IT systems can then help track vital signs tied to the stress levels. This can in turn, help monitor the minute details of procedures and interactions. It can also help assist in tracking long-term outcomes. With help from AI, dentistry can develop new insights into the delivery of care.

Dentistry is a complex field and these tools can really make it way more efficient, than what it is now.



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