Why Social Networking in Patient Treatment Seem Promising?

Virtual healthcare started off with patients being monitored virtually, that is from a distance. This gained ground slowly, the biometry of the patient was collected and then the patient is monitored.  The patient is then monitored and this helped the physicians to understand the patient’s health better.

As social networking sites are being highlighted day by day, the cloud is being a huge source of information for the doctors and physicians. However, since there are so many pieces of information that the cloud contains, it often becomes difficult for the physician to register so much of information, so there must be a clear boundary of what is relevant and what is not. Relevance must be measured by the physicians and there must be segregation of what a particular physician needs and what they don’t.

With the help of the internet, the interaction between the doctors and the patients has increased. This has resulted in better connectivity between the two parties. If the care team has all the updates about the patient, there wouldn’t be any problem with the treatment. The care team needs to be at the beck and call of the patients, and that would increase the efficiency of the treatment. Registered nurses could help in the virtual monitoring of the patients. For that, they further need good tech training from which they would be able to take live sessions of the patients. This coaching would help them get prepared for the virtual world of monitoring patients. Many patients have regular doctor checkups or in intervals, so those could be conducted using the virtual mechanism.

The care could directly be posted on a patient’s virtual profile which would make it faster for the patient to respond to. This is also a way as to how medications could be discussed with patients or their families. The members that operate the patient’s social profile could be of help to make better treatment decisions.



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