The Logistical Milestone

Our achievements as a collective society have been anything but risk-averse. Time and again, we have taken calls that maybe had a bit too much riding on them, but none of them were made without a substantial cause. Even if it looked like a ticking bomb from outside, a selective group of visionaries remained aware that the benefits to be had out of these big calls outweighed all the risks. It’s not to say all dicey decisions worked out the way they were intended to, but even the failed ones gave us some insights into what works and what doesn’t.

This mindset armed us with knowledge as we moved forward, and this knowledge went on to influence our biggest decision to this day. Technology, in its early days, had the world divided like nothing else. The traditionalists have opposed any idea of a digital world right from the beginning, but when visionaries revealed their plans to digitize even the most basic operations, the opposing party became even bigger. Despite all the noise of disapproval, the development of technology went on, and by observing what is happening today, it certainly looks like one wise decision. In fact, it has surpassed all the expectation that were attached to it by bringing in the genius of advanced tech into the fold. Concepts such as AI, Machine Learning, and Telematics etc, which were relatively known a few years ago, are now becoming a vital tool for us in our growth.

An example of it could be discovered in Chicago Tribune Printing Center. The center is responsible for printing and distributing over 40 different publications, therefore the work load always remains on the heavy end. As the center design consists of narrow aisles and multi-floors, the heavy activity have caused forklift-related accidents on many occasions, leading to injuries and severe product damage. In their bid to resolve this issue, the company enlisted the help of telematics. Through implementation of telematics and fleet management system on every truck, the company is able to stay proactive and reduce impacts wherever it’s possible.

The system also helps the fleet managers in understanding their vehicles better by providing comprehensive data, which is already being credited by the company for reducing impacts by a whopping 30%. Furthermore, with system vesting increased control into the hands of managers, the company is able to facilitate more productive operations.



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