Bringing Crypto in Town

While human beings enjoy many different skills at their disposal, none of them have proven to be as valuable as our ability to embrace new things. You see, when you keep an open mind to any change in your horizon, you instantly bolster your likelihood of achieving big things. Now, if we talk about the real-world setting, we can see how this particular skill has fetched so many milestones, including technology. Technology was a major vindication for it; as the creation would literally go on to rebuild the world’s identity from scratch. In fact, even when that was successfully done, technology continued to raise our floor under some capacity or the other, thus producing many more interesting by-products. However, the creation also has some controversial ideas to its name, and a big one among them is, of course, cryptocurrency. Since arriving on the scene, cryptocurrency has divided opinion like nothing else, but despite that being the case, it remains very much alive, and a recent decision should only further solidify its position.

Fort Worth, Texas, is officially the first US city to get into the bitcoin mining business. According to certain reports, the city has built a small mining farm, which will house Three Bitmain Antminer S9 mining rigs. These rigs will run for 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Talk about energy consumption, Fort Worth expects the machines to exhaust same amount of energy as a household vacuum cleaners

“This is something brand new for any city,” said Mattie Parker, Mayor of Fort Worth. “There’s a lot of policy here that we’ve had to jump through hoops to understand.”

Realizing such a project alone was never going to be possible, so Fort Worth has signed up many partners, including Texas Blockchain Council, which donated the three mining rigs, and Luxor Technologies, a mining pool, which allows an individual miner to blend their hashing power with other miners from across the world for the purpose of having a better chance at earning bitcoin. While the city has kept the pilot program to a relatively small scale, the available details do suggest that it will re-evaluate the whole operation in six months before deciding on what to do next. As surprising as the news might sound to some people, it’s not entirely out of the leftfield. Following China’s stringent ban on crypto, US is now leading the race to become the ultimate hub for digital currency, and Texas, due to its low power costs, has emerged as a natural hotbed for any crypto-related activity in the country.

“We’re the fastest growing city in the country. There’s so much excitement around North Texas and Fort Worth, in particular. To really keep that energy going, we have to push ourselves differently, and we think cryptocurrency is a huge part of our future economy,” said Parker.



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