Embracing Cloud-Based Collaboration for Hospital Success

The need for an effective collaboration is growing because markets, economies and people are more closely linked now than forever. Outdated communication infrastructure and inadequate investment in new technology has held back collaboration technologies that employees would like to use. This results in the risk of digital dislocation in larger organizations.

A research reveals that digital dislocation can be a huge problem in a medical workplace along with the following revelations:

  • Hospitals that have continued using a cloud technology beyond trial have reduced their operating costs by 25 percent.
  • Implementation of cloud-based collaboration technology has increased employee satisfaction by 30 percent.
  • Number of IT decision makers who consider security as a barrier to using cloud-based collaboration is down to 53 percent.

Technology has unhinged employees from their work desks and the future of workplace lies in employees working flexibly. No business can transform digitally unless employees are enabled to work more collaboratively.

Collaboration technology becomes an obvious choice when medical professionals want to work on the move and business leaders need to reduce travel costs. It cuts down operational costs and you can skip paying for that flight for a single meeting. And let’s not forget that time is money, if people are using their time better then more work is done for same salary.

Using the right processes

Introducing videoconferencing is just not enough. It must become a part of your hospital’s culture and you need to ensure a great user experience. Many businesses don’t get the benefit of collaboration technology due to the lack of right process and workflow. Provide the necessary training to your people and ensure your leaders embrace the technology and use it.

Importance of cloud-based collaboration

Collaboration technology in any workplace incorporates teams, reduces costs, improves client interaction, and amplifies productivity and efficiency.Employees are already showing a keen interest in cloud collaboration. Medical companies should embrace the era of digital employee to attain business growth and stability.



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