Going the Uncomplicated Way to Let You Do More with AI

Dell Technologies has officially announced an expansion of its collaboration with Nvidia to help a wider spectrum of enterprises instill AI prowess into their operations. According to certain reports, the stated development will go a long distance to ensure that these organizations can accelerate integration of their data, AI tools, and on-premises infrastructure to maximize their generative AI (GenAI) investments. Talk about what all we can expect here on an actionable note, we begin from an all-new Dell AI Factory with Nvidia, which is essentially the first ever end-to-end AI enterprise solution integrating Dell’s compute, storage, client device, software, and services capabilities, with NVIDIA’s advanced AI infrastructure and software suite. Complimenting the same through a high-speed networking fabric, Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA leverages rack-level design, along with rigorous testing and validation to deliver a seamless solution for transforming data into valuable insights and outcomes. Not just that, it also banks upon existing offerings in enterprise data security and accompanying Dell services offerings across security and privacy landscape. All in all, this Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA will support a wide array of AI use cases and applications in regards to the entire GenAI lifecycle, right from model creation and tuning to augmentation and inferencing. Taking that into account, customers should be able to take advantage of enterprise-grade professional services that help organizations accelerate their strategy, data preparation, implementation, and adoption of the AI Factory, and advancing of AI capabilities.

Aside from the AI factory, Dell Technologies will also work alongside Nvidia to introduce a rack scale, high-density, liquid-cooled architecture based on the NVIDIA Grace Blackwell Superchip. The idea behind that is supporting the next-generation ecosystem which aims to conduct improvements in performance density for enterprise AI workloads. Then, we have the prospect of Dell PowerEdge XE9680 servers running new NVIDIA GPU models, including the NVIDIA B200 Tensor Core GPU. This, in turn, should enable up to 15 times higher AI inference performance, while simultaneously lowering total cost of ownership. Another detail worth a mention here would be how those Dell PowerEdge servers will also support other NVIDIA Blackwell architecture-based GPUs, as well as H200 Tensor Core GPUs, NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand, and Spectrum-X Ethernet networking platforms. In case that didn’t sound like a lot, it might be worth acknowledging that the partnership in question will combine Dell Generative AI Solutions with NVIDIA – Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) to offer a pre-validated, full-stack solution that speeds up enterprise AI adoption with RAG.

Dell Generative AI Solutions will also link-up with Nvidia – Model Training, and it will do so for the purpose of extending a pre-validated, full-stack solution which helps organizations build their own custom, domain-specific models. Among other details, the partnership will try and get the most out of solutions like Dell Data Lakehouse and Dell PowerScale. In the former’s case, they will use the data lakehouse to discover, process, and analyze data in one place across hybrid and multicloud environments. As for the latter, there they will use world’s first Ethernet storage solution, validated with NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD with DGX H100 systems, to let customers achieve faster and more efficient AI storage.

“Our enterprise customers are looking for an easy way to implement AI solutions – that is exactly what Dell Technologies and NVIDIA are delivering,” said Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell Technologies.




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