Madison Performance Group: Culture Where Employees Love to Work, Learn, Connect & Succeed

Werner Haase

President, CEO

“Designed with industry knowledge and designed from the bottom up, Madison’s platform improves communications, logistical planning procedures and delivers real-time participant monitoring.”

Companies now need to go beyond the conventional notions of workplace diversity. The most prosperous organizations value a variety of opinions, where many points of view are welcomed and embraced. Employee participation, engagement, and significant contributions to the business will increase when they feel like they have a voice, even if it differs from others. Madison develops work environments where people enjoy themselves and thrive. As a pioneer in social employee recognition, Madison offers simple-to-use programs for recognition, incentives, and service anniversaries. Madison’s specially customized cloud-based SaaS platform, Maestro, powers these programs. Their clients utilize Maestro to enhance the connections between managers and their teams as well as between employees and their employers through the use of social employee appreciation.

As a pioneer in social recognition throughout the world, Madison offers simple-to-use programs for recognition, incentives, and service anniversaries that are backed by Maestro, their specially customized SaaS cloud platform. Madison’s method, which was created to address particular business problems, considers all of a company’s performance factors and is centered on the people who will ultimately determine its success: workers, salespeople, and channel partners. Their techniques for increasing performance and sales, when combined with strong analytics and creative solutions, allow management the ability to motivatingly captivate an audience, measurably discover leadership attributes, and severely incentivize employees. Madison helps customers do more by inspiring their audiences to achieve more by utilizing scientific concepts to promote desired change in human behavior and raise performance.

To make the planning and delivery of meetings and events simple and hassle-free for stakeholders, Madison Travel blends personal touch service with scalable, tested procedures and technology. As a full-service meetings and events company, Madison creates encounters that uplift, inspire, and inform. Madison’s goal is to unite people, passion, and purpose in order to help an organization realize its business objectives, with a focus on the attendee experience throughout the planning and execution phases. It’s crucial that event contracts are executed by a qualified expert since doing so will help to negotiate the most advantageous terms and conditions and reduce risk. In order to provide the clients with the best rates, discounts, and contractual conditions available, Madison makes use of its extensive worldwide spending, strong relationships with travel suppliers, and in-depth understanding of the sector. In order to shield the clients from responsibility, Madison has a global database of prequalified non-hotel suppliers who have agreed to the standardized terms and conditions they demand. Madison has access to a computerized record-keeping system, an efficient insurance administration tool, and a means for tracking paperwork through this online portal. “​Nearly five decades ago, our founder, Werner Haase, started Madison in 1975. Beginning as an incentive company, Madison had the first internet-based sales contest in 1995, followed a few years later by the first consolidated recognition web portal application.Madison has evolved through consistent organic growth from a starter incentive company in the 1970s to a leading global social employee recognition and incentive company.”

Madison’s industry-leading solutions improve every minute of the guest experience at an event. From touchless check-in and badging to onsite mobile applications and contactless lead retrieval, Madison offers the technology that will dazzle guests, ensure safety and trust in an event. The MadisON-SUITE Travel Management System incorporates third-party solutions integrated into the proprietary system to seamlessly support participant registration, allowing us to quickly connect with internal and external resources throughout the meeting planning and operations. Madison collaborates with three of the major worldwide mobile app software vendors to create top-tier apps along with unrivaled design, project management, implementation, and on-site support. Each mobile app is designed to fit the program objectives. Madison has created a customized program for incentive group travel and meetings. Designed with industry knowledge and designed from the bottom up, Madison’s platform improves communications, logistical planning procedures, and delivers real-time participant monitoring.

Event personnel may check guests into events and sessions as quickly as possible owing to MadisON-SITE. The list of their current registrants is searchable by staff members, and they may also quickly navigate the alphabet or scan a barcode. The Event Management System instantly and effortlessly syncs all data. Innovative meetings, conferences, events, and incentive programs that inspire and engage the workforce are the primary areas of focus at Madison Travel. For stakeholders, Madison combines a personal touch service with scalable, tested procedures and technology to make meeting planning and delivery simple and hassle-free.