Marketing the Smarter Way

We can be anything as individuals, but a big part of our identity is defined by what we actually do, and more importantly, how we do it. Now, what we do can be similar to the others, but the way we choose to go about it will always have a level of uniqueness, similar to when we talk about generations as whole. Every generation has had something different that defined its entire existence, but as we look back and assess the history, none of those things come close to what the modern generation has achieved with technology. This is not to diminish the efforts of our ancestors, but in all honesty, the world around us has never felt so limitless, and almost all of it is orchestrated by technology and its by-products. Once the world started to believe in a tech-centric future, these by-products quickly forayed into every sector or discipline out there, making all the right tweaks to trigger exponential growth. However, even though much of technology’s success has been conjured up from using the basis in place and then reworking them to a degree, one area where it essentially rebuilt everything from the ground was of marketing. As the world grew more reliant on digital realm, the potential benefits to be had out of investing in marketing grew significantly. Before technology, the consensus about marketing was never really bright enough to earn the trust of the masses, but that changed big time when the focal point of these marketing campaigns became increasingly streamlined, thus leading to an enhanced financial feasibility. Today, we have converted that promising rebirth into a billion dollar industry, and the success has only paved the way for better technologies to come and make their mark. Nevertheless, a whole new milestone for the sector might be waiting in the wings, as two of its biggest players join forces.

NielsenIQ, the industry leader in global measurement and data analytics, has formally announced its partnership with Qualtrics, the creator of Experience Management tool. The partnership is said to be focused on producing the most comprehensive and value-driven brand experience solutions ever seen across the block. As per the reports, both the companies are driving this forward with an intention to provide brands from different niches with a 360-degree view of their market position amongst the consumers.

On a granular level, the partners will make it happen by providing data collected from key metrics like brand equity index, which is essential for any company that wishes to learn about how aware people are of its brand, the general public image, and how many sales all of it is actually translating to. Interestingly, the data here will be provided on one inclusive platform, hence encouraging a holistic and cost-effective approach.

“NielsenIQ’s best-in-class methodology, combined with Qualtrics’ experience management technology, will help brands adapt and be successful in any business environment,” said NielsenIQ Consumer Insights Global President, Yuneeb Khan. “We are proud to be partnering with Qualtrics to provide brand leaders deeper insights in real-time, allowing them to gain a leg up on their competition.”

While NielsenIQ’s Winning Brands model remains core to this collaboration, Qualtrics’ ability to understand important brand drivers and using it to bolster customer acquisition is expected to play a massive role too. Furthermore, the company will be responsible for delivering pre-built analytics, automated workflows, and interactive dashboards for the purpose of simulating future scenarios.



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