Mosaic Raises $25 Million in Series B Financing; Plans to Improve Product Development

As we know, there are always a lot of ways to do something. Now, when we initiate any discussion in the said context, our focus is, more often than not, on whether the method we are choosing will work or not. This means we rarely ever think about optimizing the positive outcome, and consequentially raising our ceiling. With such a dynamic in place, things can eventually start to feel a little restrictive over time. Hence, to avoid being in that sticky spot, the world would develop certain avenues. Responsible for expanding our horizons on a rather consistent basis, all these avenues will bring a unique value within human life, but if we assess each one meticulously, we’ll notice how none shook out to be as effective as technology. Technology’s case is unbeatable for reasons that notably go beyond just its never-seen-before skill-set. They also talk at length to the creation’s ridiculous reach. In fact, it was this versatility element, which really pivoted technology towards worldwide dominance. Nevertheless, even after taking over the entire spectrum, the creation has continued to find new ways to assist us, and looking at a recent funding, we can safely assume it’s not planning to stop any time soon.

Mosaic, the first proper Strategic Finance platform, has successfully secured over $25 million in Series B financing. Led by Founders Fund, the round saw further participation coming from the likes of General Catalyst, XYZ Venture Capital, Fifth Down Capital, and Friends & Family Capital. As per certain reports, the company intends to use the new cash injection for bolstering product development. While these products are expected to touch upon some diverse goals, they will share a common goal of establishing a more connected business methodology. Since the Series A round in 2020, Mosaic has went on to improve its customer base by a whopping three-digit margin. During the said timeframe, it has also picked up many bigshot clients, including Pipe, Kandji, Drata, Fivetran, Sourcegraph, and Crossbeam etc.

“A wave of department-specific cloud solutions has fragmented company data. And there hasn’t been a strong enough solution to help finance teams at high-growth companies handle that fragmentation to move beyond legacy FP&A processes,” said Bijan Moallemi, CEO and Co-founder of Mosaic. “Mosaic is gaining traction because we’re breaking down data silos, bringing all the pieces of a company’s puzzle together, and empowering CFOs to focus more of their time and effort on forward-looking growth initiatives.”

Founded in 2019, Mosaic has practically spearheaded Strategic Finance’s transition to become a mainstream concept. It has done so using real-time analytics, data integration, and advanced planning tools. Now, for future, the company hopes to improve its in-house predictive technology, a feat that, if achieved, will transform the way businesses map out their short-term, as well as long-term growth.



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