Playing the Subscription Game

The trickiest part of a human life really revolves around the way it can change in no time. This creates a very volatile structure which we can only navigate through continuous progression. Now, to bolster our chances of succeeding here, the world has developed numerous pathways that lead towards the said goal. Each pathway compels you to use a different approach, therefore nurturing a unique part of your individuality. However, there is also one road where you can pursue a more holistic growth over time. Yes, we are talking about technology. Technology’s tendency to be an outlier needs little introduction. After all, which other creation has changed the world’s identity like technology did, and in some capacity, is still doing? The latter fact is important, because technology’s nature of pushing all boundaries is now on a trajectory that might just end up reimaging its role in our lives. The evidence for the same has appeared in various areas the board, and if it’s somehow not enough, we should expect another similar testimony to join the pack soon.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is actively mobilizing its plans to sell iPhones, iPads, and other devices as part of a hardware subscription service. While the claim seems a bit bold, it does fall in line with the company’s moves over the recent past. Apple’s newfound focus on services like Apple TV, Apple Fitness Plus, and Apple Arcade etc isn’t hidden from anyone. In fact, it was also quite apparent on the company’s financial books, which showed these services rake in $68.4 billion during the year 2021. To consolidate the potential here, Apple has even clubbed its subscription-based offerings together, thus creating a whole new service called Apple One Bundles.

Talk about throwing hardware into the mix, Apple has already made notable movements on that front. For instance, in 2019, the company unveiled a monthly subscription model for it AppleCare extended warranties. Beyond that, Apple also has an iPhone Upgrade Program, which enables customers in regards to paying for their iPhone and AppleCare services over the course of 24 months, with a further option to trade the device after 12 months. As per the published report, the price point for this new service will not just be a portioned piece of the total cost.

At present, Apple is yet to confirm the project, but if details surrounding the developments are factual, then a 2023 release isn’t entirely out of the picture.



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