Snowflake Acquires Streamlit for $800 Million; Plans to Widen the Reach of Data-driven Applications

If we sift through human progression over the years, we’ll notice that many factors have actually contributed to our growth. Inspired by a unique value, each of these factors has proven to be meaningful in its own right, and yet our ability to pick important lessons out of nowhere stands out a little. This ability is largely why we have been able to build upon our achievements and become better every single day. Now, when you make such a dynamic your ultimate path, it won’t be wrong to expect some really groundbreaking by-products. In hindsight, however, we can say that none of those by-products were as groundbreaking as technology. Interestingly enough, while technology looked like nothing more than a promising concept at first, the creation will defy all expectations to achieve somewhat of a cult status among the modern generation. This growth spurt will, in fact, be evident throughout the spectrum, hence altering our very identity as a society. Nevertheless, even after achieving so much, the world won’t stop going for more, and the said ambition was on full display during a recent acquisition.

Snowflake, a company specializing in cloud-related data storage and management, has officially acquired Streamlit for a fee worth $800 million. The move starts making sense once you realize Streamlit is the startup that developed open source project to empower data-based apps. Hence, it ropes in a data visualization piece, which Snowflake has missed sorely up until now. With its arsenal significantly replenished, the company will hope to construct a system that any non-technical user can bank upon for building a varied set of data-driven apps. According to certain reports, the acquisition was first put on the table last fall, and since then both the companies have held extensive talks, thus gradually moving towards a point where they were able to spot a clear connection in regards to values and long-term vision.

“I think there’s a really deep cultural alignment beyond the technical and business alignment between the two companies,” said Adrien Treuille, Streamlit co-founder and CEO.

Even though Snowflake is poised to fully absorb Streamlit’s technology, the deal shouldn’t worry tens of thousands of people who currently rely on the latter’s highly-regarded open source project. In fact, the companies are moving ahead with an intention to only improve the said initiative over time.

Launched in 2018, Streamlit has done everyone to bolster the core app development process. The company, at that time, had promised a more universal approach, and looking through its journey so far, we can say it delivered without fail.

“I think that Streamlit actually has, I would say, a unique position in this market. While most companies are basically trying to systemize some part of the machine learning workflow, we’re giving engineers these sort of Lego blocks to build whatever they want,” said Treuille, during Streamlit’s launch




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