Time to Go Even Bigger

Over the course of time humans have spent on earth so far, there haven’t been a lot of discoveries that would catch the attention of every single person. Of course, the overall discoveries have been plentiful, but the ones that affect every individual? Well, not so much of them. So, as a part of this exclusive club, technology is rightfully considered to be one of our most prized discoveries ever. It didn’t claim that title overnight though. Technology’s progression to become the ultimate piece de resistance mirrored our own evolution. Having arrived on the scene in a rather rudimentary form, it gradually improved its core workings, learning step by step to how to cater our needs in the most effective way. Eventually, it got there, and it got beyond. Once we realized this thing was here to stay, it was time to go all in on it.

By attracting eyeballs from all over the world, technology’s different by-products came together to form a hub, a hub that would go on to reinvent the identity of many sectors. One big beneficiary of this reinvention was the advertising sector. With people spending more and more time on creations like social media platforms, advertising suddenly became a lucrative line. It was probably one of the very few industries that witnessed decent amount of growth even during the pandemic. Despite the fact that it can very well reap enough rewards with basic efforts, advertising, like technology, has continued to aim for advancement. This approach has led the industry towards churning out different marketing methodologies, methodologies that are now being projected to drive its growth. One great testament of this would the change expected in the fortunes of programmatic advertising.

As per a research done by AI advertising SaaS platform, Alfi, spending on programmatic advertising is poised to go up dramatically over the next 3 years. While there are many factors influencing this rise, the most touted around reason is cited automation. The inclusion of options like automated purchasing, and management of ad campaigns as per custom contexts makes it a popular product amongst the customers.

“Huge advances in technology and a growing focus on more precision targeting of audiences and evaluation is driving growth in programmatic advertising, making it one of the most exciting and dynamic developments in marketing,” says Paul Pereira, CEO at Alfi.

The other popular reasons for picking programmatic advertising gauged by the research are real-time measurement sophisticated targeting, and an optimal return on investment.



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