A Trailblazing Collaboration

If there is one thing we have learned over the years, it’s the importance of staying ready under all circumstances. This is critical when the talk becomes about gauging new opportunities and then capitalizing upon them. Now, as important as it is, we don’t always succeed in doing so on our own. Hence, in a bid to aid our cause, we would manufacture some wide-ranging avenues, which are there today solely for guiding us through different circumstances. While each of these avenues holds an exclusive sell, the one that drives its point home on a rather versatile base is technology. You see, following technology’s arrival, we were able to function effectively across all the major areas and it was, in every sense, an unprecedented game changer. Suddenly, the world was brimming with opportunities. However, despite everything falling into place, we kept the creation, like ourselves, ready for some future adventures. The benefits of it will go on to take many productive shapes, and we are now set to see another permutation entering the fray.

TikTok has officially announced a strategic partnership with Atmosphere, streaming TV platform for businesses, and just like how it might sound, the partnership will see social media giant getting a spot on Atmosphere’s streaming package. According to certain reports, the whole setup is structured around creating a unique out-of-home viewing experience. Hence, for achieving that in a meaningful manner, Atmosphere is expected to curate what is a wide expanse of Tiktok content and bring maximum watching incentive to the viewers. By making such a move, the streaming platform is hoping to construct a bigger appeal in front of businesses that are desperately trying out different methods to achieve better engagement with the existing and new customers.

TikTok, on the other, is seemingly keen on tapping into Atmosphere’s huge footprint. Currently, the platform has a presence in over 18,000 outlets, including restaurants, bars, gyms, and healthcare facilities. It must be noted that the figure also involves high crowd-pulling stores like Taco Bell, Westin, and Texas Roadhouse.

“This is a win-win for the business and their customers as well as advertisers, who are having a harder time connecting with an unreachable TV audience,” said Leo Resig, CEO and co-founder at Atmosphere, when asked about Atmosphere’s distinctive approach to streaming.

“We are thrilled to partner with TikTok and to showcase their brand of extremely engaging content in businesses. We are trailblazing TV entertainment in the 3rd space and having a blast doing it!”



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