AutoRabit Secures $26 Million in Series B Financing; Plans on Building around AI to Enhance Automation

We could have the most efficient method at our disposal, and yet we’ll still look for something better. That’s just how humans are designed, and to be honest, it’s actually an important element of our existence. You see, when you are always striving to go up a notch, you end up fuelling your growth over time, and this kickstarts a cycle. With a raised floor, we are able to aim for even higher altitudes, therefore establishing a system where something like consistent progression doesn’t look so daunting. Now, such a powerful dynamic naturally brings some by-products into the picture. We, on our part, will witness many, but none would turn out to be as significant as technology. Even though technology’s arrival didn’t instigate a flood of belief among everyone, it will go on to become the ultimate centerpiece of our lives, and it will do so using some outright ingenious ideas. Nevertheless, despite taking up a critical role, the creation will continue to scale up. In fact, one recent funding can very well set it up for the next step in its journey.

AutoRabit, a company which provides CI/CD tools for Salesforce customer dev teams, has successfully secured over $26 million in Series B financing. According to certain reports, the round was led by Full In Partners. Talk about how AutoRabit plans to use the newly-raised cash, it will dedicate a major chunk of it towards product development. This mainly includes areas like AI, machine learning, and eventual automation. Beyond that, the company is focused on conducting an extensive recruitment drive and expanding its 135-employees big workforce. If we take a stock of AutoRabit’s operations for a second, our assessment is likely to revolve around company’s cutting-edge platform, which offers features like version control, deployment, testing, data loading and sandbox management. When not doing these tasks, AutoRabit’s platform can also come in handy for navigating through branches of CRM code from multiple developers, leveraging metadata to identify and commit code from across teams, and scanning the code for vulnerabilities using a rules-based system.

“Salesforce was created to be a CRM, not a development platform, so the standard suite of dev tools are missing, and AutoRabit’s flagship product … was created to fill that gap,” said Meredith Bell, CEO at AutoRabit.

While technological capabilities were certainly a big factor behind AutoRabit’s raise, the huge economic potential of products and services built on Salesforce ecosystem also played a crucial role. According to Forbes, Salesforce currently boasts a 19% share in the CRM market. Hence, the funding should help AutoRabit in regards to further expanding its clientele, which by the way, already has over 400 customers at the moment.

“As AutoRABIT leverages this funding round to continue building out our Salesforce toolset, machine learning and AI will play a major role in anomaly detection, monitoring developer and user behavior, and implementing zero-trust access models across systems,” added Bell.




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