Codenotary Secures $12.5 Million in Series B; Plans Global Expansion

Even though it might get uncomfortable at times, living through an ever-changing environment is actually very important for human beings. This is the only way we can learn about elements, which were previously foreign to us. As gaining the said knowledge eventually leads to our individual growth, we try and turn the learning process into its most seamless form. In fact, we have done so in many different ways over the years, and yet when the world brought in technology, it all changed beyond recognition. You see, the method of technology didn’t just simplify our learning, but it also added a whole new dimension to it. We were suddenly viewing everything from a fresh standpoint. With a transformed perspective, we willed ourselves to focus on bigger and better horizons, discovering various more facets of technology in the process. Having achieved the said goal, the world is now planning to actively nurture these modern-age prospects and a recent funding does a lot to testify for this ambition.

Codenotary, a service for building software supply chains, has officially raised $12.5 million in a Series B round. According to certain reports, the round saw close participation from new, as well as existing investors, including Bluwat, Elaia, and a few others. It takes the company’s total funding, thus far, to $18 million. Codenotary getting a financial boost is a big deal because we are well aware of what the company can do. Mind you, this is the organization that built the popular open source, immudb immutable database. However, Codenotary is actually about something even more significant. Once it becomes a part of your system, the company’s service helps you in identifying and tracking every single component in your DevOps cycle. By doing so, it keeps you informed regarding all the relevant factors, and that comes in handy when there is an attack on the supply chain, as you are able to effectively locate libraries and nullify the potential blast radius.

“Our mission is to make sure that we can trust the artifacts that we use in the development of applications throughout any organization, whether it’s open source or an internal enterprise organization. When we started the company, we were looking for ways to make sure that the information that we store about who worked on which artifact, when and how and what did they do to it will be safe from tampering,” said Moshe Bar, founder and CEO of Codenotary.

Currently boasting well over 100 customers, Codenotary plans to direct the new funding towards aims like quicker product development and a wider global sales’ footprint.



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