Flying All the Way to a Cleaner Environment

As humans, we hold the concept of continuous growth in a pretty high regard. This is because it has allowed us to achieve things, which were, at one point, completely beyond our reach. Now, when you stumble upon such an efficient dynamic, it’s almost natural for an individual to further invest that and produce something even better. You see, driven by an innate progressive nature, we pick whatever is there at our disposal, and then we kickstart a whole new journey to add more value to it. Using the said procedure as a core foundation, human beings suddenly create a scenario where even the biggest of pursuits start appearing as relatively easy. If we are to explain that phenomenon through an example, the perfect one here would be technology. In hindsight, technology might look like a grand creation, but it reached there on the back of a very calculated approach. Building its success story on step-by-step basis, technology soon exploded into a full-blown generational shift. In all honesty, the creation is still pulling off some strong strides, and the latest evidence for that was delivered by our aviation industry.

ZeroAvia, a green aviation outfit, is officially ramping up the plans to bring hydrogen-electric technology within the aviation fold. In fact, as a major step forward, the company has locked in on Seattle for building a new R&D facility. Reportedly eying the location of Everett Paine Field, ZeroAvia will receive an economic development grant worth $350,000 from Washington to fund the project. The aviation start-up has also set aside an investment of $5.5 million for renovating the place, thus making it more aligned with a proper R&D facility’s requirements.

At the moment, ZeroAvia is developing powertrains for aircrafts, which boast a maximum passenger capacity of 20, whereas their mile-range settling around 500. However, an intention to power 200-seater aircrafts someday remains firmly in place.

When asked about the significance of this facility from Washington’s standpoint, Gov. Jay Inslee commented:

“Our state’s clean energy and clean aviation future just got stronger,” Inslee said in a statement announcing ZeroAvia’s new facility. “This project is an important part of Snohomish County’s continuing efforts to maintain a competitive edge and strengthen the community with good jobs in the aerospace industry of the future.”

ZeroAvia’s anti-emission approach regarding air travel has long intrigued the potential investors. Everyone is aware that, if it works out, the technology can become the centerpiece for global aviation landscape. Convinced by what it has to offer, names like Amazon, Alaska Airlines, and Bill Gates-led Breakthrough Energy Ventures have already chipped in their investment, and there is every reason to believe that more reputed parties will join the table in near future.



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