Is it Time to Become Bitcoin-friendly?

It’s fascinating how we have gone from selling products and satisfying needs to selling experiences and enhancing the general quality of life. Gone are the days when joining the pack would fetch you success. The world of today demands innovation, but not just any innovation. Your bid at being inventive will only pay off if you are able to weave an experience that is valuable, as well as universal in nature. Nevertheless, this alone won’t guarantee your success. The convenience of modern marketplace comes at an expense of quicker saturation, thus forcing the sellers to constantly rework their offerings to grab and retain the customers’ eye. Fortunately, technology has made it drastically easier to do so. Technology’s ability to mould itself as per the requirements of a particular situation means that there is not really an end to the amount of value you can extract out of it. While this claim has already been testified numerous times, it received another credibility point when Twitter recently announced its latest feature.

Micro-blogging platform, Twitter has formally joined the bitcoin hype train after the platform announced that it will now allow users to tip their favorite creators using bitcoin. Apart from that, the company also revealed that it is going ahead and making its tipping feature available globally. The option to tip creators was tested by Twitter back in May, and so far, the feedback for it has been hugely positive. For now the feature will only appear on iOS devices, but the company has assured that Android users will also be able to enjoy it in a matter of few weeks.

Up until now, fiat currency has been the only way to tip across the platform, with services like Square’s Cash app PayPal’s Venmo being the primary facilitators of it. However, Strike bitcoin lighting wallet service is all set to join them, as the company diversifies its foray into content commercialization.

“This compensation can be an important incentive for meaningful conversations while giving more people more ways to interact with the content they love,” Twitter said, when asked to explain its investment in the new tipping feature.

Moving on from the newly-added feature, Twitter also had a few tidbits to share about its blockchain project, which would allow users to authenticate and showcase their collections of NFT digital assets on social media. Even though the company stated that it’s nothing more than an experiment as of now, Twitter’s growing belief in digital assets is expected to show up down the line in many such features.



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