Twitter Sells MoPub for $1.05 Billion; Plans Revenue Diversification

As we know, human beings tend to value different things at different times. These preferences are largely driven by what we need during a particular phase, and treating that information as a centerpiece, we put-together a pursuit to achieve it. Now, the tendency of structuring your moves according to a given environment has its own benefits. You see, this way we are able to complement the elements in play, therefore giving ourselves the best possible shot at clocking our goal. If we dig through some real world examples of how the said approach has helped us, it will be somewhat optimal for us to base our conversation around technology. Technology’s core ability of fitting into any mold like a glove was always destined to propel us towards unprecedented heights. Once we get there, however, our priorities will also change big time, as they take on a more productive shape. To cater these diversifying needs in a sustainable way, technology will turn to personalizing our experiences, and no area within the known spectrum has been a bigger beneficiary of that than the advertising sector. Boasting multi-billion dollar valuation at present, the advertising industry’s growth spurt continues to defy every projection. In fact, it has evolved into such an important cog of the modern structure that many other sectors now rely on advertising as their primary revenue source. Nevertheless, the said reality also means the sector’s landscape can be altered through various channels, and by looking at a recent acquisition, we can expect to see something similar in near future.

AppLovin, a mobile game developer and marketing software provider, has officially acquired mobile ad platform, MoPub, from Twitter in what is being widely reported as an all cash deal. Initially announced in October 2021, the deal is valued at $1.05 billion. While MoPub has actually proven to be a phenomenal revenue generator for Twitter, with annual revenue touching $188 million in 2020, the social media giant actually plans on moving beyond advertising. The signs of company’s attempted expansion have popped up quite significantly over the past year in launches like Twitter Spaces, newsletters, online communities, an interesting misinformation debunking project called Birdwatch, Twitter Blue, and much more.

“We are excited to execute on this strategic acquisition with our sights set on operating the largest and most robust in-app advertising platform that enhances the growth of the broader mobile app ecosystem,” said Adam Foroughi, AppLovin’s co-founder and CEO.

Twitter’s decision to let go MoPub is also said to be influenced by Apple’s new privacy tools. However, AppLovin, on the other hand, sees a greater potential here, as it looks to combine the MoPub technology with its own in-app mediation platform, MAX, and create a one unified platform.



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