An Ambitious Bid for the Future

If we look into the world’s history, we can easily find many lessons that continue to set the tone for us even today. One such lesson on which our current era is largely predicated talks to the importance of continuous progression. More than anything else, this importance seems to be driven by our fear of stagnation. Human beings, as different as they are, share a significant elusiveness for stagnating over the course of time. Hence, we are always on and about shaking things up in one way or the other. Now, so far we have achieved the said objective using almost immeasurable approaches and methods, but there is one that sticks out big time, and that anomaly is technology. With technology, the world didn’t just replenish. Instead, it constructed a whole new identity for itself, and the decision to do so is validated every single day. You see, by building upon those tech-centric foundations, we have been able to establish a way of life that looks and feels better than what we had before at any point. The process to get here, however, was laborious. A wide assortment of tech companies had to put in the hard yards, but now that they have got a fair few milestones under their belt, they are steadily looking towards the next one. In fact, our efforts to get there might be already underway.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung is set to launch an advanced chip-making plant, which will be worth a whopping $17 billion. Located within the city of Taylor, the plant will boast 1,200 acres in size and it is expected to create 1,800 new jobs. While Samsung will be using the advanced chips manufactured here to power their own products, the company is planning to supply a larger chunk of the production to other organizations. The lucrative investment comes at a rather fitting time, as a host of industries continue to suffer due to severe semiconductor shortage. Nevertheless, Samsung is not looking to jump right in. Previous filings from the company indicate that the plant won’t be up and running any time before 2024.

The WSJ report also sheds some on light on why Taylor in particular has been all but officially picked to host the plant. It claims that the city of Taylor promised the company certain incentives, which included property tax breaks of 90 percent over the first 10 years. Samsung, however, has refused to make any comments apart from stating “a final decision has not yet been made regarding the location.”

Assuming the plant goes through, it will become Samsung’s largest facility over the one that it currently has in Austin.




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