The New-Age Fintech Collaboration

A big part of human life revolves exclusively around learning how to interact with change. You see, in a world, which is constantly evolving, adaptability appears as a skill that can really take you a long distance. If we want some evidence, we can look at the times where keeping an open mind and embracing the reality was all what we needed to have success. Now, when this becomes the nature of your discussion, you almost have to talk about technology and how it ended up as such a resolute force.  In a way, technology has a claim on spurring the biggest transition within the world’s history, so it was natural that, alongside the benefits, it also brought some fair share of challenges. However, we were able to get over the hump by just taking in whatever came our way, and before we knew, everything started to look a lot different. Suddenly, we were in a much more productive environment. The said claim was testified across multiple spheres, but one of its biggest backers turned out to be our financial sector. Prior to linking up with technology, financial sector was never known for having a customer-centric approach. Under the creation’s stewardship, though, it would take up an identity that talked strictly to providing the best possible customer experience. Cross River and PayTile will, in fact, hope to deliver something similar here, as they embark upon a new collaboration.

Cross River and PayTile have officially entered into a strategic partnership, which is focused on Cross River bolstering PayTile’s bid to provide location-based payments. According to certain reports, the said contribution will likely appear in the form of core banking infrastructure and cutting-edge payments capabilities. Functioning within what is still a relatively untapped market, PayTile should hold your attention due to its unique take on facilitating payments. The location-oriented method enables the company big time in terms of protecting users’ information. Hence, you can send payments to anyone without having to share your legal name, username, phone number or email. It’s a feature that has been repeatedly touted as somewhat similar to iPhone’s AirDrop.

“PayTile’s mission is to make digital payments as private as cash and as safe as a card,” says Anu Vora, CEO of PayTile. “While traditional P2P apps exist to pay the people you already know, PayTile exists to safely pay people you don’t know.”

Cross River, on the other hand, is the perfect partner here because of its neatly-designed financial solutions. The company has already helped several fintech organizations in scaling up, and with PayTile, it is looking to do so through channels like ACH, Push-to-Card, and more. Cross River also becomes PayTile’s first ever exclusive banking partner.

“Anu and the team at PayTile are revolutionizing peer-to-peer payments,” said Gilles Gade, Founder, President and CEO of Cross River. “By partnering with innovative companies like PayTile, Cross River creates real time solutions to empower consumers and their finances.”



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